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How a New AI Mindset for AutoML Will Make Deep Learning More Accessible

In this special guest feature, Yonatan Geifman, CEO & co-founder of Deci, discusses how automated machine learning (or AutoML) can “democratize data science” by gradually implementing different levels of automation.

insideBIGDATA Guide to Big Data for Finance (Part 2)

This insideBIGDATA technology guide co-sponsored by Dell Technologies and AMD, insideBIGDATA Guide to Big Data for Finance, provides direction for enterprise thought leaders on ways of leveraging big data technologies in support of analytics proficiencies designed to work more independently and effectively across a few distinct areas in today’s financial service institutions (FSI) climate.

insideBIGDATA Latest News – 7/6/2021

In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from this vast ecosystem, so we’re in a unique position to inform you about all that’s new and exciting. Our massive industry database is growing all the time so stay tuned for the latest news items describing technology that may make you and your organization more competitive.

TOP 10 insideBIGDATA Articles for June 2021

In this continuing regular feature, we give all our valued readers a monthly heads-up for the top 10 most viewed articles appearing on insideBIGDATA. Over the past several months, we’ve heard from many of our followers that this feature will enable them to catch up with important news and features flowing across our many channels.

How AI/ML Can Improve Manufacturing Operations

In this special guest feature, Stuart Gillen, Senior Manager at Kalypso, offers a few ways manufacturing organizations can leverage predictive maintenance to identify potential issues, reduce the occurrence and length of unplanned downtime, and get the most value from assets and budgets.

Video Highlights: Thinking Sparse and Dense

The video below, “Thinking Sparse and Dense” is the presentation by Paco Nathan from live@Manning Developer Productivity Conference, June 15, 2021. In a Post-Moore’s Law world, how do data science and data engineering need to change? This talk presents design patterns for idiomatic programming in Python so that hardware can optimize machine learning workflows.

Why Your AIOps Deployments Could Fail

In this contributed article, Gab Menachem, Senior Director, Product Management, ITOM at ServiceNow, outlines why many organizations are still struggling to deliver effective AI/AIOps strategies in the COVID-19 era and share steps they can take to maximize the potential of these solutions.

The Rise and Fall of the Traditional Data Enterprise

In this contributed article, David Richards, Co-founder of WANdisco, believe we are seeing the clear signs of the death of the data enterprise as we have known it. When we look back at the death knells for Dell, EMC, HP, Cisco and IBM – it is hard not to read a similar future in the tea leaves of companies like Snowflake and Palantir after their wildly successful IPOs, and of Databricks with its highly-anticipated public offering.

Incident prevention with Big Data in Manufacturing

In this special guest feature, Edwin Elmendorp, Information Architect, Kinsmen Group, points out that many opportunities exist for using BIG data technologies in manufacturing, while some are still in a research phase, others are usable products that offer cost beneficial approached available for small and large organizations by using modern platforms.

The State of AI and Machine Learning

In the 7th edition of its annual State of AI and Machine Learning report, Appen continues to explore the strategies  employed by companies large and small in successfully deploying AI. The reports surveys business  leaders and technical practitioners ( referred to as technologists) alike to understand  their priorities, their successes, and their bottlenecks when it […]