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Slidecast: Koality – A Continuous Testing Platform for the Cloud

Koality is a seamless server-side application that sits between your startup’s repository and your engineers’ computers to improve code changes.

Enabling Real-Time Analytics Using Hadoop Map/Reduce

Welcome to real-time analytics for Hadoop! ScaleOut hServer V2 is the world’s first in-memory execution engine for Hadoop MapReduce. Now you can analyze live data using standard Hadoop MapReduce code, in memory and in parallel without the need to install and manage the Hadoop stack of software.


Dave Rosenthal from FoundationDB speaks to the history of NoSQL, problems that have arisen due to a lack of data consistency in NoSQL, his views on the CAP Theorem and where it’s all headed.

Slidecast: Introducing the QuantCell Big Data Spreadsheet

QuantCell is a big data spreadsheet and an end-user programming tool. It improves turnaround time and enables SMEs to benefit from big data. It enables non-developers to build complex analysis, models and applications, and it brings the capabilities of major programming languages to the spreadsheet user. QuantCell supports real time Big Data frameworks and Apache Hadoop installations.

Clustrix – Scaleout SQL Database Engineered for the Cloud

In this slidecast, Robin Purohit of Clustrix describes the company’s leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud.

Slidecast: Are You Ready for Big Data Analytics?

In this slidecast, Bill Jacobs from Revolution Analytics presents: Are You Ready for Big Data Analytics? Revolution Analytics delivers advanced analytics software at half the cost of existing solutions. By building on open source R—the world’s most powerful statistics software—with innovations in big data analysis, integration and user experience, Revolution Analytics meets the demands and […]

Podcast: How Google Cloud Datastore Handles Trillions of Transactions

DeMichillie talks about the lessons Google learned from building its search behemoth and how they are applicable to a cloud that non-Googlers can use.

Slidecast: The Rise of Embedded Analytics

In this slidecast, Mike Boyarski from Jaspersoft presents: The Rise of Embedded Analytics. Jaspersoft empowers millions of people every day to make decisions faster by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes. Its embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform allows anyone to quickly self serve and get the answers they need […]

Slidecast: Treasure Data Brings Big Data Analytics to the Cloud

In this slidecast, Kaz Ohta, Kiyoto Tamura, and Ankush Rustagi from Treasure Data describe the company’s Cloud Data Warehouse service. The Treasure Data Cloud Data Warehouse service enables companies to get big data analytics running in days not months without specialist IT resources and for a tenth the cost of other alternatives. Traditional data warehousing […]

Slidecast: Diablo Memory Channel Flash Technology is Big Data for Less

In this slidecast, Kevin Wagner from Diablo Technologies describes the company’s new Memory Channel Flash Solution. Flash SSDs boost system performance, and flash over PCIe is even faster, but the best performance will come from flash on the memory channel,” said Jim Handy, Director at Objective Analysis. “Diablo is on the right path by providing […]