Algorithmiq Demonstrates Path to Quantum Utility with IBM

Algorithmiq, a scaleup developing quantum algorithms to solve the most complex problems in life sciences, has successfully run one of the largest scale error mitigation experiments to date on IBM’s hardware. This achievement positions them, with IBM, as front runners to reach quantum utility for real world use cases. The experiment was run with Algorithmiq’s proprietary error mitigation algorithms on the IBM Nazca, the 127 qubit Eagle processor, using 50 active qubits x 98 layers of CNOTS and thus a total of 2402 CNOTS gates. This significant milestone for the field is the result of a collaboration between the two teams, who joined forces back in 2022 to pave the way towards achieving first useful quantum advantage for chemistry.

Want Better AI? Get Input From a Real (Human) Expert

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have put forth a new way to evaluate an AI system’s recommendations. They bring human experts into the loop to view how the ML performed on a set of data.  The expert learns which types of data the machine-learning system typically classifies correctly, and which data types lead to confusion and system errors. Armed with this knowledge, the experts then offer their own confidence score on future system recommendations.

New Data on LLM Accuracy

Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist at, recently published a research paper, “A Benchmark to Understand the Role of Knowledge Graphs on Large Language Model’s Accuracy for Question Answering on Enterprise SQL Databases.” He and his co-authors benchmarked LLM accuracy in answering questions over real business data.

NEW Survey: Orgs are Ready for More GenAI, but Ill-equipped

83% of organizations are in the exploration or experimentation phase of their GenAI journey, but implementation and risk management challenges stand in the way of expansion. This is according to a new Dataiku and Forrester survey of AI decision-makers: “Accelerate Generative AI Applications With
Platform Capabilities.”

IT Survey Finds Enterprises Identify Automation and Generative AI as Top Business Priorities

Digitate, a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise software for IT and business operations, released the results of its new study, “AI and Automation: Laying the Foundation for the Autonomous Enterprise” revealing that 90% of IT decision-makers plan to deploy more automation, including AI, in the next 12 months.

New Report on Potential Impact of AI on Future of Work

A new special report, “Future of Work Report: AI at Work,” was just-released by LinkedIn that looks at the emerging trends within AI in the workplace and examines the potential impact of AI on the future of work. 

REPORT: The C-suite Weighs in on Gen AI

Thomson Reuters’ “Future of Professionals C-Suite Report,” reveals that while the majority of the C-suite is already or planning to use Gen AI at work, an overwhelming 87% of execs are concerned with how it will be deployed. 

Hallucination Index Identifies Best LLMs for Most Popular AI Use Cases

Galileo, a leading machine learning (ML) company for unstructured data, released a Hallucination Index developed by its research arm, Galileo Labs, to help users of today’s leading LLMs determine which model is least likely to hallucinate for their intended application.

New State of Generative AI Insiders Report Outlines the Urgency to be Generative AI-Ready in 2024

Businesses will face substantial competitive hurdles if they are not Generative AI-ready in the next few years; Report is the first to offer a generative AI scorecard for 2024 readiness.  “The State of Generative AI Insiders Report,” in conjunction with leaders from Insight Partners, Battery Ventures, Dataiku, Weights & Biases and Glean, was unveiled highlighting market challenges inherent with implementing generative AI in a scalable, profitable way.

PwC’s 2023 Emerging Technology Survey

Our friends over at PwC released its 2023 Emerging Technology Survey, unveiling the seismic impact emerging technologies have on top-performing companies and highlighting the critical role of AI in driving business model reinvention and long-term innovation.