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Detecting Anomalies in Time Series Data: Deciphering the Noise and Zoning in on the Signals

In this contributed article, Pratap Dangeti, Principal Data Scientist at Subex, discusses how anomaly detection in industrial data is by no means a simple process given the scale at which it needs to happen, and also the highly dynamic nature of business in today’s world. However, it’s still imperative to get it right, as no digital business can hope to stay relevant and competitive in an increasingly tough economy without the power of meaningful data analytics to back its growth.

5 Takeaways from re:Invent 2018. Because What Happens at re:Invent Doesn’t Stay at re:Invent

In this contributed article, Claire Giordano from Citus Data, provides a compelling Field Report for the recent AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. She offers 5 key takeaways from the show that will get your cloud juices flowing.

How AI and Machine Learning Will Affect Cybersecurity

In this contributed article, front end developer Gary Stevens discusses how cybersecurity is now more proactive than reactive. A big reason why is the major advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Computers are getting smarter and keeping us all safer as a result.

Best of for AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning – November 2018

In this recurring monthly feature, we will filter all the recent research papers appearing in the preprint server for subjects relating to AI, machine learning and deep learning – from disciplines including statistics, mathematics and computer science – and provide you with a useful “best of” list for the month.

What’s Next? Learning Communities in AI and Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is making a difference to healthcare, right now. For more information on how to get involved in this important and growing sector, take advantage of the resources outlined in this post, including the Dell EMC Machine Learning Knowledge Center, Dell EMC Customer Solution Centers and the Deep Learning Institute by Dell EMC. These have been created for the purpose of sharing expertise and offering guidance for those interested in deep learning.

Is Machine Learning The Biggest Focus In The Mobile Industry?

In this contributed article, Manchester based business writer Paul Matthews explores the growing role machine learning is taking in the mobile industry. The speedy growth of machine learning in the mobile industry is both exciting and overwhelming. Just as a consumer becomes used to a certain way of using their mobile phone, it seems new technology is developed to completely change the next edition of the device. It’s clear that AI and ML are one of the biggest focuses of the mobile industry.

Finding a solution for AI in Healthcare

Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI are integrated systems with validated hardware and software stacks optimized to accelerate AI initiatives, shortening the time to architect a new solution by six to twelve months. A new insideBIGDATA special report series explores the intersection of AI and medicine, and this entry provides a series of solutions for AI in healthcare, including Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI.

From Safari to the Stratified Medicine: How Machine Learning Connects the Dots to Create a Future Health Trajectory

In this contributed article, Ori Geva, the Co-Founder and CEO of Medial EarlySign, describes a clear parallel between the work of the professional animal tracker and the use of machine learning in healthcare. Both share the ability to harmonize data to tell a potentially meaningful story. Through both experience and inherited learning, they know how to identify and connect the dots.

AI in Medicine: Developments in Radiology, Genomics & Diagnostics

Next-generation radiology tools may remove the need for tissue sampling and greatly expand the area of delivery. And the translational Genomics Research Institute’s (TGen) Center for Rare Childhood Disorders is using machine learning for genetic sequencing. Part of an insideBIGDATA special report series on AI and healthcare, this entry highlights some of the latest developments in AI in medicine, including progress in radiology, genomics and diagnostics.

New C3 Platform Delivers Enhanced Rapid Enterprise-scale AI Deployment

C3 announced the general availability of Version 7.8 of the C3 Platform. C3 V7.8 delivers many improvements for developers, data scientists, and end users, a new and comprehensive C3 Integrated Development Studio, (C3 IDS), enhanced security, 10x – 100x improved performance and scalability, new model management capabilities, enhanced machine learning pipelines, local Docker development environments, and many new features across the suite of SaaS C3 Applications.