China’s Plan To Be The AI Leader Makes Headway; Can The U.S. Thwart That Plan?

In this contributed article, Erika Twani, Co-founder and CEO of Learning One to One, discusses the global AI industry and how China’s plan to be the AI leader is making headway; and also how the U.S. can thwart that plan.

Despite $6.1 Billion in Funding, China Not Leading in AI Innovation

Over the past four years, Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) startups have received $6.1 billion in funding. However, despite immense amounts of investment and being second only to the U.S. in number of companies focusing on AI, China is not leading in cutting-edge AI innovation. To better understand the progress of AI in China, our friends over at Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory services for technology innovation, took a deep dive into China’s AI patents, research papers, venture capital (VC) funding, and other innovation data in their new report, “Will China Take Over the Global AI Industry?”