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A Future-proof Architecture for Streaming Data Analytics

A new technology white paper, A Future-proof Architecture for Streaming Data Analytics, explores strategies to leverage the steady flow of new, advanced real-time streaming data analytics (RTSA) application development technologies. It defines a thoughtful approach to capitalize on the window of opportunity to benefit from the power of real-time decision making now, and still be able to move to new and emerging technologies as they become enterprise ready.

How Prescriptive Analytics Puts Complex Decision-Making on Rails

In this special guest feature, Nick Hedges, President and CEO at Velocify, discusses the importance of prescriptive analytics and utilizing data effectively, particularly for B2B sales.

Niara Enhances Security Analytics Platform with Modular and Data-Agnostic Behavioral Analytics

Niara, a provider of security analytics for attack detection and incident response, announced that the latest release of its security analytics platform analyzes any data source and supports the customization of its behavioral analytics modules, providing organizations with complete visibility into attacks and risky behaviors inside their environments.

New Infobright Approximate Query (IAQ) Debuts

Infobright, the columnar database analytics platform, announced its new Infobright Approximate Query (IAQ) solution for large scale data environments. IAQ provides rapid insight for complex datasets up to 1000 times faster than state-of-the-art processing architectures with similar hardware.

A Culture of Analytics: Why Amazon & Netflix Succeed While Others Fail

In this special guest feature, Steven Hillion is Chief Product Officer at Alpine Data, comments on the culture of analytics: why Amazon and Netflix succeed while others fail, and outlines four key considerations for executing an analytic strategy that puts the needs of the business first.

Glint Introduces AI-for-HR™ with Smart Alerts that Predict Business Impact of At-Risk Employee Populations in Real-Time

Glint, the real-time employee engagement platform, introduced AI-for-HR™, delivering real-time intelligence to help organizations make faster, more impactful people decisions.

Online Retailer SHOP.CA Selects Sumo Logic for Real-Time Continuous Intelligence

Sumo Logic, a leading cloud-native data analytics service, announced SHOP.CA, one of the fastest growing e-commerce websites in Canada, selected Sumo Logic for complete visibility and PCI compliance across its IT infrastructure.

Saama Set to Transform the Speed, Scale and Impact of Industry Specific Analytics

Saama Technologies, Inc., a leading Big Data solutions and services company, announced a strategic alignment with Microsoft that can deliver analytics advantage at unprecedented speed and scale.

7 Essential Elements in a Real-Time Streaming Analytics Platform

In this special technology white paper, 7 Essential Elements in a Real-Time Streaming Analytics Platform, you’ll learn what to look for in a high-performance real-time analytics platform. The paper explores the top seven must-have features in a Real-Time Streaming Application (RTSA) platform in order to help you choose a platform that meets the needs of your organization.

Glassbeam Unveils Revolutionary Data Transformation and Edge Computing Capabilities for Its IoT Platform

Glassbeam, Inc., the machine data analytics company, announced two revolutionary product enhancements for the IoT analytics market.