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Teradata Cloud: Analytics in Action

This paper documents the experiences of nine Teradata Cloud customers based on anonymous interviews with knowledgeable persons. The table below lists the companies, along with their specific challenges.

Business Analytics-as-a-Service

This white paper examines how EMC solved these challenges by transforming IT and the business with analytics as a service, a new approach that unlocks the value of Big Data.

Analytical Strength Using Aster Analytics

The biggest challenge for most organizations is to increase their analytical strength. This analytical strength can help the organizations to uncover new business insights. To make data science affordable for every organization and to deploy data science across the entire organization and not only by the high priests of data science, other disciplines must be involved.

Real Time Streaming Application

This paper explores the top seven must-have features in a Real-Time Streaming Application (RTSA) platform in order to help you choose a platform that meets the needs of your organization.

Streaming Data Analytics Architecture

Streaming analytics is fast becoming a must-have technology for enterprises seeking to transform their analytic to take advantage of “fast data” sources and build real-time or near real-time applications.

Spectrum Scale Solution: IBM vs EMC

When considering enterprise storage software options, IT managers constantly strive to find the most efficient, scalable, and high performance solutions that solve today’s storage performance and scalability challenges, while future-proofing their investment to handle new workloads and data types. Enterprise backup solutions can be particularly vulnerable to issues stemming from poor network performance to the storage array(s), and are often not designed with the scalability demanded by rapidly changing enterprise environments.

Teradata Punches the Value Accelerator: Pushes Slow-Moving IoT Projects to the Fast Lane

Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics company announced four powerful software-and-service solutions that speed up the transformation of Internet of Things (IoT) data to actionable insight.

Analytics across the ecosystem

Analytics is a key enabler for life sciences and healthcare organizations to create better outcomes for patients, customers and other stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem. While almost two-thirds of organizations across the healthcare ecosystem have analytics strategies in place, our research shows that only a fifth are driving analytics adoption across the enterprise. The key barriers are a lack of data management capabilities and skilled analysts, as well as poor organizational change management. To find out more download this white paper.

Mitigating IT Risk for Financial Risk Analytics

Financial Risk Analytics has evolved beyond a secondary regulatory and cost-focused perspective, to become a core part of businesses. Today, Risk Analytics provides a competitive edge by enabling businesses to efficiently use capital and manage risk exposures with higher confidence to make better informed and timelier business decisions. To learn more down this white paper.

Cisco and NetApp Deliver Simplified, Affordable Disaster Tolerance Solutions for SAP HANA Deployments

This document describes Cisco® and NetApp solutions that support disaster-tolerance capabilities for SAP HANA deployments. This comprehensive approach encompasses synchronous and asynchronous replication, a point-in-time backup strategy, and protection of data against corruption. Because management of disaster scenarios requires coordination, the Cisco and NetApp solution handles the failover of servers, networking, and storage components to quickly activate a disaster-recovery site.