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The Games Industry’s Journey Into Deep-Data

In this special guest feature, Mark Robinson, CEO of deltaDNA, looks at the challenges solved by big data in the games industry and the evolution of analytics which has enabled these changes.

Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and HPC in Today’s Changing Application Environment

In this video from the Intel HPC Developer Conference, Franz Kiraly from Imperial College London and the Alan Turing Institute describes why many companies and organizations are beginning to scope their potential for applying rigorous quantitative methodology and machine learning.

Big Data Analytics for Customer Success

In this special guest feature, Craig Soules, Founder & CEO of Natero, discusses how customer analytics helps customer success teams identify improvements to their product, process, and marketing and how by moving beyond anecdotal evidence, customer analytics can rapidly accelerate the pace of improvement for SaaS businesses.

LogtrustTM Brings Real-time Big Data-in-Motion Analytics to Any Business, Any Size

LogtrustTM, the Real-time Big Data-in-Motion firm for Fast Data, Big Data analytics, has solved the “real-time” challenge facing most Big Data projects, by offering the ability to ingest, store and analyze massive, varied and dynamic data sets at high speed.

Amplitude Study Finds that “N Day” Retention Metric Underestimates the Percentage of Users who Return to Apps by a Factor of 3.5X

Amplitude released findings from a study of retention data collected from its popular analytics platform and found that the most commonly used retention metric, known as ‘N Day,’ underestimates the percentage of users who return to apps over time by a factor of 3.5x.

Come Together Right Now: The Convergence of BI, Planning and Analytics

In this special guest feature, Matt Shore, Vice President, Product Strategy, Adaptive Insights, discusses how the convergence of BI, planning and analytics is without question being driven by user demand because users need to be able to see their plan in the context of historic performance—in one place.

DrivenBI SRK’s New Importer Empowers Self-Service BI Data Preparation for Business Professionals

DrivenBI, provider of SRK, the cloud-native self-service BI platform that empowers business professionals without IT’s constant support, announced its new data import utility.

Tableau Unveils Future Product Vision at Tableau Conference 2016

In its ninth annual global conference, Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA) came together with over 13,000 data fanatics from the Tableau Community.

Datawatch Brings “Data Socialization” to Self-Service Analytics

Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM: DWCH) announced its strategic vision and product road map for making “data socialization” a reality for all business users of self-service data preparation.

Big Data Transforms Patent Analysis into Business Strategy

In this special guest feature, Tyron Stading, President and Founder of Innography, provides expert commentary on how organizations can drive more business value from their IP investments through use of big data.