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Combining the Benefits of Commercial & Open Analytics

A new e-book explores how organizations in many industries are using open source analytics and SAS, getting the most from both, and what role SAS plays throughout the analytics life cycle.

The Use of NLP to Extract Unstructured Medical Data From Text

In this contributed article, Luke Potgieter, tech advisor for John Snow Labs, discusses the important of NLP for the healthcare industry, and offers two common AI-in-healthcare use cases. NLP is a very useful and important tool for use in AI in dealing with unstructured data.

Communication Tips to Alleviate Cognitive Burden

In this special guest feature, Scott Parker, Director of Product Marketing at Sinequa, discusses the evolution of data search and analytics techniques and how modern technologies are helping employees find the right data faster and spend less time searching through irrelevant content. He also discusses how information-driven organizations are harnessing big data to improve operational efficiency and accelerate innovation.

Improve Your Business with Modern Analytics Infrastructure

A new report from SAS explores how a modern analytics infrastructure and IT department can help you increase productivity, maintain the highest data quality through a standard data governance model, and make critical decisions faster and with more confidence.

Combining the Benefits of SAS and Open Source Analytics

As we think about the entire analytics life cycle, it’s important to consider data preparation, deployment, performance, scalability and governance, in addition to algorithms. Download the new e-book explores how organizations are using open source analytics and SAS, and what role SAS plays throughout the analytics life cycle.

8 Ways 8 Billion Data Points Can Lower Diabetes Costs

In this contributed article, David Conn, Chief Commercial Officer at Glooko, discusses how dealing with diabetes requires data, and how data science provides deep access to key aspects of chronic disease progression and treatment. Insights created by the data collected is key to improving overall care and avoiding risk in diabetes management.

Predictive Analytics in Operations

In this special guest feature, Michelle Odajima, Data Science Program Leader at OSIsoft, talks about applying predictive analytics to the operational space, and provides three basic rules for doing so: first, come up with an objective; second, get good data; third, build a team with data science skills.

IT Holds the Key to a Modern Analytics-Driven Organization

Today, organizations must apply a consistent analytic vision across all functions to identify insights more quickly in a scalable capacity, providing faster responses for business advancement. Download the new white paper from SAS to explore how IT is the key to today’s analytics-driven organizations. 

How Higher Education Can Use Data Analytics to Address Declining Enrollments

In this special guest feature, Eric Spear, Founder and President of Precision Campus, discusses how colleges and universities are trying to come up with a strategy to combat declining enrollments. The answer lies in using existing data to discover new insights.

To Derive Value from Predictive Analytics, Intent Data Is a Must

In this special guest feature, John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget, discusses how marketers must correctly complement CRM and marketing automation data with actionable purchase intent insights that come from external behavioral data. Purchase intent insights help marketers see the actions prospects take that are otherwise hidden.