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Taking a Peek into the Future of Big Data

In this contributed article, Kevin Patel, Service Assurance Technology Analyst at Xangati, takes a high level view of the big data arena and offers a glimpse for the future of this exciting field.

How IoT & Pre-emptive Analytics at the Edge Change How We Think About Applications

In this special guest feature, Scott Gnau, CTO of Hortonworks, welcomes us to the future of data where the modern data application will need to be highly portable, containerized and connected.

Education: The Key to Becoming a Data Science Machine

In this special guest feature, Devavrat Shah, professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, discusses how organizations must become efficient and able “data science machines” in order to succeed in our new digital world.

Unlock the Potential of IoT with Real-Time Data

In this special guest feature, Gary Orenstein, Chief Marketing Officer at MemSQL, highlights how entire industries such as energy, retail, finance, and the public sector are dramatically impacting their businesses by the ability to analyze real-time and historical data together to unlock the potential of IoT.

Linguistic Tools Usage in Managing Corporate Data

In this special guest feature, Yana Yelina from EffectiveSoft, discusses the problems and potential solutions in enterprises to address a rising volume of documents and the ability to effectively utilize data stored in document silos.

The Latest Big Changes in Big Data

In this contributed article, Aaron Auld, CEO of EXASOL takes a high-level view of the evolving big data ecosystem.

Three Barriers to Machine Learning Adoption

In this special guest feature, Alexander Khaytin, COO for Yandex Data Factory, explains how businesses can introduce “data democracy” and systematic testing and how agility can be introduced into even the most inflexible of organizations, overcoming the barriers prohibiting machine learning adoption and benefit.

Integration is Only as Good as Your Data

In this special guest feature, Charlie Greenberg, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager at Software AG, discusses why integration is only as good as your data, and how a business can ensure superior data quality to drive better integration.

How to Use Machine Learning to Further Retail Analytic Capacity

In this special guest feature, Kerry Liu, CEO and founder of Rubikloud, discusses the importance of machine learning in maximizing the use of customer behavior data in the retail sector.

Choose the Cloud Before Your Competitors Do

In this special guest feature, Jacob Murbach, Lead Cloud Services Engineer at Pandera Systems, explores why switching to the cloud is beneficial and how companies can get the most out of making the switch.