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The Big Picture of Big Data: Mapping the Internet of Everything

In this special guest feature, Adam Mollenkopf, Real-Time GIS Capability Lead at Esri, discusses how geospatial technology helps companies make the most of real-time data.

It’s Time to Democratize Social Data Insights

In this special guest feature, Errol Apostolopoulos, Senior Vice President of Product at Crimson Hexagon, makes the case for when data is democratized or distributed across the enterprise, greater transparency ensues, leading to better business decisions across the board.

Think Your Data Exhaust is Worthless? Here Are 3 Reasons You’d be Wrong

In this special guest feature, Hank Weghorst, Chief Technology Officer at Avention, believes the emergence of “data exhaust” is a trend that will continue to pick up momentum.

Self-Service Data Prep: Illuminating Dark Data for Better Business Decisions

In this special guest feature, Jon Pilkington, Chief Product Officer at Datawatch, examines how self-service data prep can help companies illuminate dark data for better business decisions.

Metadata Governance in the World of Big Data

In this special guest feature, Wayne Applebaum, Vice President of Analytics & Data Science at Avalon Consulting, LLC, observes that as an ever increasing variety of data gets captured and analyzed, we face challenging issues of data governance in general and metadata governance in particular.

Top 5 Ways to Better Use Your Data

In this special guest feature, Dennis Duckworth, Director of Product Marketing at VoltDB, offers his top five ways to better use your data.

4 Major Challenges in Building a Big Data Solution

In this contributed article, Kaushal Amin, Chief Technology Officer for KMS Technology, takes a close look at what you need to think about to successfully deploy your Big Data solution.

Transportation Big Data is a Big Target

In this special guest feature, Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab, looks at the big data industry from the lens of vehicular/transportation big data, a sprawling category that includes location, speed, drive train diagnostics, fuel economy and driving behavior.

Cognitive Analytics: 21st Century Threat Detection

In this special guest feature, James Pita, PhD, Armorway’s Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, discusses cognitive analytics and its use for threat detection and deterrence.

Dark Data: Shedding Light on a Growing Issue for Businesses

In this special guest feature, Mika Javanainen, Senior Director of Product Management at M-Files Corporation, observes that with the plethora of new data-gathering tools that are continually coming out, more and more data is being collected – and we’re reaching a point where a significant amount of it is going unused. This so-called “Dark Data” isn’t being analyzed, and potentially useful trends are being missed.