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Digging Deep into Data Science and the Silicon Valley


In this special guest feature, David Richards of WANdisco pays tribute to noted computer scientist Alan Turing in terms of the rise of the Big Data industry.

Solve the Data Scientist Shortage with Machine Intelligence


In this special guest feature, Scott Howser of Nutonian discusses how machine intelligence software enables users to automatically discover analytical models via sophisticated evolutionary algorithms without any human intervention, thus solving the data scientist shortage.

Machine Learning and Its Impact on Cyber-Security

Rohit Gupta

In this special guest feature, Rohit Gupta, CEO and Founder of Palerra discusses some specific new uses of machine learning technology—especially as it pertains to cybersecurity.

Why Small Data Is a Big Deal

Tara Kelly_SplicesSoftware

In this special guest feature, Tara Kelly, Founder, President & CEO of SPLICE Software, highlights her list of three big advantages of small data.

The Power of Search to Analyze Business Data

Scott Holden_ThoughtSpot

In this special guest feature, Scott Holden, VP Marketing at ThoughtSpot discussed the power of search for extracting insights from business data.

The Five Attributes of Highly Successful Hadoop Deployments

Sean Suchter

In this special guest feature, Sean Suchter of Pepperdata takes a look at the most important attributes of a successful Hadoop deployment and offers best practices for organizations looking to maximize ROI from a Hadoop investment.

Breaking Through the Big Data Hype

Rachel Delacour_BIME

In this special guest feature, Rachel Delacour, CEO of BIME Analytics explores the idea of the hype around Big Data and how to make sense of it all within the context of business intelligence.

Datameer’s Stefan Groschupf on Big Data Governance


As another episode of the Big Data & Brews industry perspectives series, Stefan Groschupf, CEO of our friends over at Datameer, talks about the difference between data governance and big data governance.

Why NoSQL Needs Realtime Database Power


In this special guest feature, Slava Akhmechet, CEO of RethinkDB discusses where the industry is going in terms of real-time app development, and what the NoSQL database that powers the new wave of connected devices and real-time apps will need to look like.

The Power of Being Predictive – Big Data Gets Smarter than Ever

Murali Nadarajah

In this special guest feature, Murali Nadarajah of Xchanging talks about how organizations today are using predictive analytics, and how the ability to be predictive has – and will continue – to change the business landscape enabling the development of new approaches and products.