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4 Ways Predictive Technology Is Transforming Modern Marketing

In this special guest feature, Doug Camplejohn, CEO and Founder of Fliptop, outlines four ways that big data and predictive technology combine to improve modern-day sales and marketing.

Why You’re Hearing More About “Fast” and Less About “Big”

Justin Langseth

In this special guest feature, Justin Langseth of Zoomdata gives his thoughts about three important technology trends driving the “Fast Data” conversation.

What Does a Data Scientist Do That a Traditional Data Analytics Team Can’t?

Kumaran Ponnambalam

In this special guest feature, Kumaran Ponnambalam of Transera provides his views on the distinction between traditional data analysts and the newer designation of data scientist.

Big Data Can Shed New Light on the Budding Legal Marijuana Industry


In the marijuana sector, growers still typically cultivate products based on their own knowledge and preferences with little or no insight into market trends. The application of big data could provide incredibly useful insights that could help growers refine products.

Big Data, Big Challenges: Top Four Frustrating the C-Suite


In this special guest feature, Sheldon Smith of XO Communications describes the challenges that many businesses face when it comes to big data, in particular the top four challenges frustrating the C-suite.

How the IoT Will Impact Enterprise IT Operations


In this special guest feature, Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid Technologies discuses how the Internet of Things (IoT) will forever change the IT industry and what to prepare for.

When Good Data Goes Bad


In this special guest feature, Gary Oliver, CEO of Blazent discuses the importance of data purity and cleansing and how “bad” or un-cleansed data can lead to misinformed business decisions, impacting the bottom line.

The State of Hadoop: What’s Next?

Stefan Groschupf

In this special guest feature, Stefan Groschupf CEO of Datameer reflects on the how the Hadoop industry has evolved in the last few years with an eye toward promises and pitfalls.

Data Science 101: Is Logistic Regression Dead?

Smita Adhikary

In this special guest feature for our Data Science 101 channel, Smita Adhikary of Big Data Analytics Hires shares her thoughts about how the data science community has changed over the years – many useful tips for those just entering the field. Smita is a Managing Consultant at Big Data Analytics Hires – a talent search and recruiting firm focused primarily on Data Science and Decision Science professionals.

Pour Some Schema On Me: The Secret Behind Every Enterprise Information Lake

Murthy Mathiprakasam

In this special guest feature, Murthy Mathiprakasam of Informatica discusses the rise of the Data Lake and what it means to the continued evolution of Big Data. Murthy Mathiprakasam is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for Informatica’s Big Data products.