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4 Ways Sales Coaches Can Leverage Data to Win the Game

Travis Patterson

In this special guest feature, Travis Patterson, Chief Revenue Officer at Aviso talks about the virtues of a data-centric perspective surrounding the sales process.

Making its Way into the Mainstream, the Hadoop Market is Accelerating

Josh Rogers Headshot

In this special guest feature, Josh Rogers, President of Syncsort, discusses what’s next for Hadoop: how companies can – and should – move beyond its storage capabilities, using more computing nodes to increase their processing power, and the growth of industry-focused applications built on the framework.

Data Centric Approach to Big Data Storage

In this special guest feature, Shahbaz Ali, CEO of Tarmin highlights how data centric approaches to big data storage enable enterprises to make better sense of the world.

Our Connected Future: Challenges and Opportunities to Achieving Digital Transformation

David Parker Headshot

The growth of IoT, when combined with the right embedded intelligence, will revolutionize the way we work, live and play; and will transform how businesses run and compete in today’s landscape. For example, as cities become more closely linked, we see a huge opportunity to simplify all types of processes- from infrastructure management, to transportation, to government elections.

Technologists Heal Thyself

dale neef

In this special guest feature, Dale Neef of DNA Data Solutions discussed how each day our personal data is collected and exchanged through millions of electronic transactions in a data collection market now worth many billions of dollars worldwide. But with data hacking and the universality of the Internet, that personal data can soon be posted around the globe, irretrievable and un-erasable. Have we reached the end of privacy as we have always know it before, or can we begin to regulate data collection and use, and how can that be done with data flowing fluidly across many jurisdictions around the globe?

How Analytics are Transforming B2B Sales

Suresh Balasubramanian

In this special guest feature, Suresh Balasubramanian of LiveHive presents three reason why sales acceleration tools are becoming so vital to sales organizations.

Big Data – It’s Different When It’s Your Job


In this special guest feature, Michael Hyatt of Metanautix delves into the hurdles organizations must overcome to gain optimal insights from its big data. Challenges addressed include the proliferation of data sources and types, and how organizations must be able to seamlessly analyze and process data across the entire organizational architecture.

Succeeding at Big Data Through Action at the Speed of Insight


In this special thought leadership piece, Chris Surdak of HP shares his insights for how to gain real value from Big Data investments. Chris Surdak is Global Subject Matter Expert on Information Governance, analytics and eDiscovery for HP Autonomy.

Why Big Data Isn’t Helping Retailers Innovate


In this special guest feature, Jamie Rapperport of Eversight discusses how most major retailers today have access to massive volumes of transaction and customer data, and are starting to use more sophisticated analytics to better understand their customers and deliver a more personalized shopping experience. However, the industry is also becoming familiar with the shortcomings of this data.

Machine Learning: How to Master IT Operations with Real-Time Big Data

Steve Burton

In this special guest feature, Steve Burton, VP of Product Marketing oat Moogsoft, discusses the role of machine learning in IT event management.