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How Generative AI and Predictive Intelligence are Revolutionizing the Customer Support Experience

In this contributed article, Krishna Raj Raja, founder and CEO of SupportLogic, discusses how new Generative AI technology (like ChatGPT) is presenting an enormous business opportunity by extracting and surfacing customer insights that CSM’s may be missing in their daily customer support interactions.


DSI’s 11th Annual Big Data for Intelligence Symposium will bring together senior leaders from across the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, federal government, academia, and industry to advance strategies, collaboration efforts, and modernization initiatives to leverage data as a strategic asset in an increasingly complex, interconnected global security environment. This year’s event will advance the IC’s […]

Intel Innovation 2023 Highlights

Tuesday morning (Sept. 19, 2023), Intel kicked off its third annual developer event, Intel Innovation 2023, virtually and in San Jose, California. During the Day 1 keynote, “Developing the Future of the Siliconomy,” Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, and a variety of customers, unveiled an array of technologies and applications that bring artificial intelligence everywhere and make it more accessible across all workloads.

Evolution of Conversational Intelligence in Healthcare

In this contributed article, Michael Armstrong, Chief Technology Officer at Authenticx, discusses how AI-driven tools play an increasingly significant role in analytics, including those used to improve customer experience, by extracting valuable, actionable data insights. AI and ML enable healthcare organizations to more effectively listen to — and better understand — their customers’ voices and solve common issues or barriers.

Be Wary of Bias: Avoiding Data Bias in Artificial Intelligence

In this contributed article, Philip Miller, a Customer Success Manager for Progress, discusses the emergence of data bias in AI and what steps business leaders and IT teams can take to avoid it. Specifically, Philip discusses the ways in which data bias arises due to lackluster datasets and how human oversight paired with proper data entry can better improve your AI performance.

Generative AI Can Make Business Intelligence Even Smarter – Here’s How

In this contributed article, Ali Ahmed, General Manager of the Enterprise Applications business unit at Cloud Software Group, discusses how both AI and machine learning (ML) will continue to promote optimized business intelligence, especially with regards to data analytics and management, along with how business intelligence ensures the accessibility of critical data is available to all key decision makers

Financial Institutions are Strengthening Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Warehousing through Workload Automation and Orchestration

In this contributed article, Ryan Dimick, Chief Technology Officer at SMA Technologies, discusses how financial institutions like banks and credit unions are some of the most data-rich organizations in the world. With access to members’ spending habits – from direct deposits and cash inflows to expenditures like mortgages and payments for bills – there’s a treasure trove of data. So, why are some banks and credit unions often disconnected and unable to understand their customers or members?

The Rise of Intelligent Apps in Finance

In this contributed article, Rohit Gupta, CEO and Founder, Auditoria.AI, discusses how the future of finance hinges delicately on the ability to adapt. Unfortunately, the finance department is often the last stop on the progress tour – and sometimes overlooked altogether. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are two of the most common automation tools in corporate finance today. While both tools serve a specific purpose – RPA is programmed to execute high-volume, repeatable tasks, and OCR helps extract structured data in an automated fashion – as standalone solutions, they no longer pull their weight.

Artificial Intelligence: Real Estate Revolution or Evolution?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming the most important topic of the year. From data centers to financial services to technology, every real estate sector is involved in AI in one way or another, as it can help improve real estate outcomes for both investors and tenants. Commercial real estate leader JLL’s recently published whitepaper “Artificial Intelligence: Real Estate Revolution or Evolution?” discusses the role that the CRE industry will play in AI – and how AI can potentially reshape the industry.

Video Highlights: AI, A Mirror to Human Intelligence

Curious about generative AI? Interested in a behind-the-scenes look? Join Dr. Kjell Carlsson as he sits down with Steven Levy, best-selling author and Editor at Large at WIRED. In the video presentation below, Steven shares insights he’s built over the past four decades writing about AI and the people (like Marvin Minsky) and companies (like Google and Facebook) that have brought us to where we are today.