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Narrative Science Unveils The Next Generation of Quill Engage for Google Analytics


Narrative Science, a leader in advanced natural language generation for the enterprise, today announced availability of the newly enhanced Quill Engage. The artificial intelligence-powered application automatically translates Google Analytics data into actionable natural language reports.

Interview: The Marketing Disruption Brought About by Machine Learning: Making Marketers the Heroes

I recently caught up with Dr. Olly Downs, Chief Scientist and CTO at Amplero to talk about the excitement surrounding his company’s launch of Amplero as well as some thoughts on the future of machine learning coupled with marketing.

Publishers Struggle to Derive Value from the Data Deluge As Digital Ad Budgets Grow


An important key to capturing share of the growing digital spend comes down to the ability for publishers to leverage real-time data. According to research released by Forrester Consulting, access to real-time data analytics helps publishers make timely and informed decisions that uncover new revenue opportunities.

Yelp Relies on SnapLogic to Power AWS Redshift Cloud Analytics

BigData use case

SnapLogic, an industry leader in enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS), announced that Yelp is running SnapLogic to connect data from Salesforce and other sources and load it into its Amazon Redshift data warehouse for comprehensive cloud analytics.

Interview: Michael O’Connell, Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO


I recently caught up with Michael O’Connell who is Chief Data Scientist at TIBCO, a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, to talk about the flourishing career outlook, demand and job security that a career in data science and business analytics are bringing to the higher education community.

Book Review: The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra


I was happy to receive a review copy of book employing a very unique approach for teaching mathematics, “The Manga Guide to Linear Algebra,” published by No Starch Press. This is a comic book, perfect for new data scientists! The book is great for newbies because it clearly spells out each minute step in performing calculations involving vectors, matrices, determinants, linear transformations, kernels, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

Enterprise Archiving with Apache Hadoop


A valuable new 27 page white paper is now available from Solix, a company that leverages the Apache Hadoop big data platform to provide low cost, bulk data storage for Enterprise Archiving – “Enterprise Archiving with Apache Hadoop.”

Big Data Can Shed New Light on the Budding Legal Marijuana Industry


In the marijuana sector, growers still typically cultivate products based on their own knowledge and preferences with little or no insight into market trends. The application of big data could provide incredibly useful insights that could help growers refine products.

Book Review: Practical Text Analytics


Text analytics recently has become a useful adjunct to other machine learning methods, of great interest to both data scientists and big data engineers. With “Practical Text Analytics: Interpreting text and unstructured data for business intelligence,” Dr. Steven Struhl provides timely and lucid discussion of the topic.

Hadoop 101: Rethinking SQL for Big Data with Apache Drill


“Apache Drill coupled with the proper NoSQL data store opens up the opportunity for a single data source to be used for both transactional and analytical processing. There is no need to export or transform the data it into an application-specific or even a star schema format in order to load into a data warehouse. Time saved by not having to create software to serialize and deserialize the data into the data structures for any given language, coupled with simplified software testing and less code to maintain, add up to a BIG savings for any business.”