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Interview: Ayush Parashar, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Unifi Software

I recently caught up with Ayush Parashar, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Unifi Software, to discuss the role and value of metadata as enterprises embrace self-service access to data. Unifi leverages metadata in almost every aspect of what they do. From delivering an elegant user experience to powering AI, it’s a key asset in supporting the capabilities and functionality they are able to deliver to a business user.

Databricks Launches Delta To Combine the Best of Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Streaming Systems

Databricks, provider of the leading Unified Analytics Platform and founded by the team who created Apache Spark™, announced Databricks Delta, the first unified data management system that provides the scale and cost-efficiency of a data lake, the query performance of a data warehouse, and the low latency of a streaming ingest system. Databricks Delta, a […]

Apache Spark Expands With Cypher, Neo4j’s ‘SQL For Graphs,’ Adds Declarative Graph Querying

Neo4j, a leader in connected data, announced that it has released the preview version of Cypher for Apache Spark (CAPS) language toolkit. This combination allows big data analysts to incorporate graphs and graph algorithms in their work, which will dramatically broaden how they reveal connections in their data.

MapR Launches Managed Services for Improved DataOps

MapR Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in delivering one platform for all data, across every cloud, announced new Managed Services for the MapR Converged Data Platform. Available immediately, customers can focus on building a wide range of applications from analytics to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), while MapR manages the daily operations of the customer’s big data infrastructure from on-premises, across clouds and to the edge.

Interview: Pete Schlampp, VP of Analytics at Workday

I recently spoke with Pete Schlampp, Vice President, Workday Analytics, to discuss how many companies consider themselves data-driven, but if they are relying on legacy systems — with data spread out over multiple sources that can’t and don’t talk to each other — they are not taking full advantage of data.

Strata Data Conference New York City 2017 – Roundup

In this field report, I wanted to share the insideBIGDATA experience last week at the Strata Data Conference 2017 in New York City, September 25-28, sponsored by O’Reilly and Cloudera. These shows are always recognized extravaganzas and never disappoint with respect to the technology being showcased. Below is a series of vignettes that highlight breaking news items that we feel are important for our readers. I hope you’ll feel like you were on the exhibition floor!

Impetus Technologies Delivers Visual Spark Studio – A New, Free Development Tool to Accelerate Spark Adoption in Enterprises

Impetus Technologies, a big data software products and services company, announced the immediate availability of Visual Spark StudioTM, a new standalone tool aimed at addressing the increasing demand for Spark-based analytic and data processing solutions in enterprises.

Interview: Tomer Shiran, Co-founder and CEO at Dremio

I recently caught up with Tomer Shiran, Co-founder and CEO at Dremio, to discuss his new company that just came out of stealth. Dremio is an open source software start-up based in Mountain View, and was built on the idea that companies need to change that dynamic between the consumers of data and IT. Dremio’s strategy is based on the premise that data consumers have too many tools, which creates unnecessary complexity and user headaches, particularly in mixed environments involving traditional and emerging platforms. Dremio simplifies the process of connecting, preparing and querying data in multiple different repositories in order to give data consumers a better experience when analyzing the data in their analysis tool of choice.

Business Lessons from Hadoop’s Non-Failure

In this special guest feature, Hiro Yoshikawa, co-founder and CEO of Treasure Data, counters the growing perception that Hadoop is a failure and focuses on the lessons that organizations can learn from the rush to adopt Hadoop.

Interview: David Steinmetz, Machine Learning Engineer at Capital One

I recently caught up with Daniel Steinmetz, who is a Machine Learning Engineer with Capital One Bank to discuss how to get a job at Capital One, the types skills they are looking for, and what his typical day looks like.