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Why Columnar Databases Are the Future of Business Intelligence

In this special guest feature, Jamie Clark, Senior Developer at Dimensional Insight, discusses why columnar databases are the future of business intelligence as massive amounts of data continue to accumulate.

Witness a Complete Showcase of Asia’s IoT Industry Chain In IoTE 2017

As the largest and longest-running conference and trade show dedicated to showcase the complete IoT industry chain in Asia, the 9th Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition will open its doors from Aug 16-18 this year, at Shenzhen Convention & Conference Center.

FDA’s Next Frontier: Regulating Machine Learning in Clinical Decision Support Software

In this special guest feature, Bradley Merrill Thompson, a partner in the Washington DC office of law firm Epstein Becker & Green and Chairman of the Board of the firm’s consulting affiliate EBG Advisors, starts a compelling and timely conversation on the FDA’s approach to regulating machine learning.

Reduce Data Lake Ingestion Time by 75% with Ingestion Factory

It is estimated that data preparation eats up as much as 80% of data analysts’ time, leaving less bandwidth for actual analytics and significantly reducing a data lake’s return on investment. To dramatically speed up data ingestion and data preparation in the data lake, Zaloni offers a new solution, Ingestion Factory, which can help enterprises successfully hydrate and organize a production-ready data lake in weeks.

The HPE Elastic Platform for Big Data Analytics

This is the fourth entry in an insideBIGDATA series that explores the intelligent use of big data on an industrial scale. This series, compiled in a complete Guide, also covers the exponential growth of data and the changing data landscape, as well realizing a scalable data lake. The fourth entry in the series is focused on offerings from HPE for big data analytics.

Alooma Live Provides Real-Time Visualization of Cloud Data Streams

Alooma, the modern data pipeline company, announced Alooma Live, a real-time visualization tool that enables data scientists and engineers to monitor data streams in transit. It allows enterprises to monitor behavior and identify discrepancies to correct data integrity problems before they can impact data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) applications.

Brick-and-Mortar Retail Meets Big Data – and There’s No Turning Back

In this special guest feature, Hannibal Baldwin, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of location intelligence service SiteZeus discusses how site-selection for retail has become an integral variable in the success of brick-and-mortar businesses.

Why Executives Need to Embrace Fake Data in Software Testing

In this contributed article, Alexey Sapozhnikov, CTO and Co-Founder of prooV explores how ideas move from concept to product through various forms of testing. Just as scientists use laboratories, enterprises (in theory) generate test environments to evaluate the potential and compatibility of new technologies before implementing them. Executives understand the importance of using test environments to minimize security risks, but are understandably fearful of inaccurate results based on their experiences with fake data. With the introduction of Deep Mirroring and Predictive Analytics technologies for testing, fake data should no longer be a concern—it should simply be embraced as a tool in the process of innovation.

New Data Shows Importance of Artificial Intelligence for Better Shopping Experiences

ViSenze, the artificial intelligence company that develops breakthrough visual technology for e-commerce and digital businesses, released data on the rising demand for visual search and discovery capabilities. In 2016, ViSenze processed over 350 million image queries on shopping platforms around the globe – a 250 percent increase over 2015. This means nearly one million queries a day were generated by shoppers on shopping platforms around the world.

Deep Learning and AI Success Stories

The insideBIGDATA Guide to Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence is a useful new resource directed toward enterprise thought leaders who wish to gain strategic insights into this exciting area of technology. This is the sixth and final in a series of articles providing content extracted from the guide. The topic for this segment is deep learning and AI success stories.