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Spark and Spark Streaming at Uber

Our friends over at the Build & Scale Data Systems group at Uber, sponsored this outstanding presentation that was the first time the company publicly discussed how Apache Spark has become the central figure behind the company’s on-going data evolution.

Where is my Sensitive Data?

Our friends at Dataguise, prominent big data security company, recently produced a new presentation featuring board of director Paul Sallaberry who discusses the importance of pre-breach detection and the challenges faced by many of our enterprise customers today and their heightened focus on protecting their sensitive data assets.

Dell Helps Universities Boost Interest in Data Science Careers

Dell announced the Dell Statistica Free Academic Program, a free version of its award-winning Statistica advanced analytics software now available to all U.S. college students and professors, to help boost interest in and preparedness for data analytics careers.

Spark – the Ultimate Scala Collections

In his inaugural Big Data Scala 2015 keynote, Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, shows how Spark is a logical extension of Scala collections, and in fact a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for distributed processing.

Video: Challenging Analytics Architectures from HP

Joseph George from HP presented this talk at the recent HPC User Forum. “This paper describes the HP Big Data Reference Architecture (BDRA) solution and outlines how a modern architectural approach to Hadoop provides the basis for consolidating multiple big data projects while, at the same time, enhancing price/performance, density, and agility. HP BDRA is a modern, flexible architecture for the deployment of big data solutions; it is designed to improve access to big data, rapidly deploy big data solutions, and provide the flexibility needed to optimize the infrastructure in response to the ever-changing requirements in a Hadoop ecosystem.”

Alpine Data Launches Touchpoints – The Power of Predictive Analytics for the Business User

Alpine Data announced Alpine Touchpoints, a completely new way to make Advanced Analytics accessible across an Enterprise.

Datameer’s Stefan Groschupf on the State of the Hadoop Industry

As another episode of the Big Data & Brews industry perspectives series, Stefan Groschupf, CEO of our friends over at Datameer, gives his perspective on how the Hadoop industry is evolving through strategic consolidations.

Introduction to Docker

In the Twitter University presentation below, dotCloud founder and CTO Solomon Hykes demonstrates Docker, an open source project designed to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application.

Advanced Crime Analytics Used to Fight Nationwide Crime Ring

The video presentation below highlights how law enforcement is using the Advanced Crime Analytics software solution to fight a major U.S. gang – the Felony Lane Gang (FLG).

adidas Group Steps Up Its Game With Neo4j to Personalize the Customer Experience

Neo4j, a leading graph database, is helping adidas Group achieve top performance in tackling master data management to provide the best content to its consumers, partners, brands and more.