Generative AI and CX: Companies Can Implement Generative AI to Address Evolving Customer Expectations and Become More Efficient

In this contributed article, Matt Edic, Chief eXperience Officer, IntelePeer, delves into how Generative AI can elevate customer experiences with curated responses based on consumer demands and previous knowledge of the challenges faced when implementing.

How Marketers Can Outsource Zero-party Data to their Users to Save Money, Reduce Risks, and Improve CX

In this contributed article, Martin Fogelman, founder and CEO of Pluto 5000, discusses how companies are increasingly relying on zero-party data to make decisions and gain insights, but who owns that data? In an era where tech and regulators are at odds with each other, it’s time to consider the benefits of keeping user-generated data with its rightful owners: the users themselves.

A New Era of CX: How Phygital is Changing the Game

In this contributed article, Rebecca Jones, general manager of Mosaicx, delves into the evolution of customer experience (CX) and the emergence of phygital experiences. She explores the pivotal role played by AI in this shift, highlights potential pitfalls, and discusses key considerations for brands as they develop their phygital CX strategies.

Improving Customer Experience through Interaction Analytics

In this article we’ll explain how AI-driven “interaction analytics” represents a new and transformational technology that enables enterprise stake holders to turn customer interactions into a competitive advantage.